rob olins

Based in the Forest of Dean, on the Welsh Borders, Rob Olins is a sculptor working cross media, informed by Architecture, the Urban Environment, Landscape, acoustics and modern engineering techniques; with particular emphasis on achieving a high quality, crafted end result.

A collaborative approach has always been a key element of his practice; working with specialists, institutions, individual practitioners, community groups and public bodies.

Working primarily on installations, to commission and making individual sculptures as well as taking the role of Lead Artist on a range of projects, Olins exhibits widely in the UK and abroad, building up a considerable and varied Portfolio. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

With funding from The Arts Council England and Arts Wales, he is currently working on a series of major exhibitions exploring acoustics alongside developing urban and edgeland projects.

These site specific Installations, investigate our perception of sound relative to vision - the relationship between what is heard versus what is seen. "House of Mirrors" a Soundscape Collaboration, with composer Douglas Benford opened this series of exhibitions at the Mission Gallery, Swansea in October 2012, 2013 and con tunes through to 2014

Recent projects
Birmingham Rep

Some Recent Work
Exhibition at the Birmingham Rep September 2014 to January 2015

Accompanying The REP’s new season will be an exciting new interactive audio visual installation. Sculptor Rob Olins and his team transforms The FOYER into an audio gallery where you can hear audio collages of Birmingham’s rich musical culture, the sounds of theatre being created, and many other locally sourced sound fragments. Accompanying the soundscapes are a series of visual montages of people making and enjoying music. Photographs are by Vanley Burke, Gil Gillis ARPS, Robert Burley, Angela Maloney and Pauline Chadaway.

Olins uses sound like sculptors model in clay. The audio effect bounces off brightly coloured sound mirrors creating a series of sweet spots or small volumes of space where the sound is focussed and intense. As you walk through the foyer you will pass through the sweet spots experiencing at one moment a general low level of mixed sound to a clear audio experience.

Olins has been working with some of the REP’s volunteers who have been recording sounds and taking photographs within the theatre and throughout the city.

The exhibition links to two earlier pieces of work; “Acoustic Ceiling” (for Richards Butler, London) and “Acoustic Reflectors” (Swansea Point, Swansea Wales) - the latter being part of the touring exhibition which started in Sept 2012. The work will continuously develop, responding to the differing contexts it is exhibited in, as it travels.

"House of Mirrors" was shown at "The Engine Shed" SVA, Stroud, November 2012 and is now appearing @ The Martello Tower Gallery, Essex, May 2013. and now at the Birmingham Rep


"In Visible" at the RBS Gallery, London,
You can see a small selection of work outside the venue on Old Brompton Road with interactive soundwork by Ryan Cockerham

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