rob olins


My current work is influenced by architecture, acoustics, science and the subconscious effect that volumes, forms and colour have on our perception of the world. I am fascinated as to how the brain interprets what our eyes see. Unusual combinations of materials, lighting, magnetism, kinetics, optical effects and interactivity are all “tools” I use to affect how the viewer “reads” their environment.

The sculptures comprise contrast, tension and illusion; immediately apparent by uniting such differing substances as glass, metal, wood and stone. The individual components of the works, pared down to only those essential to the success of the idea. In the process of investigating how materials behave when pushed to their limits, an elegant solution can often be revealed which visually challenges our preconceptions about the world.

The use of light and sound is often integral to the Artworks. Light is used to introduce colour, optical or moiré effects, creating focal points on the piece. Sound can be used to enhance the presence of the work, or as part of an exploration of acoustics and our perception of it relative to vision.

I aim to use materials and recourses efficiently, using contemporary engineering, manufacturing and lighting techniques so as to help reduce the environmental ‘footprint” created by the manufacture and maintenance of the artwork.

October 2014